• Sallyann Rodriguez

Refreshing Asian-inspired salad

This is a wonderfully light and refreshing salad, easy to make and full of vitamins !The more colourful your recipes, the more you make sure to cover your daily recommended vitamin and mineral intakes.

Why is this important ?

To keep your immune system fighting fit !

Don't forget to make double so you can take some to work the next day !!


-rice noodles

-chicken breast

-red pepper



-spring onions


-lime juice

I used the amounts you see in the photo but you can add more or less according to taste or even use other veggies.


-sauté the chicken pieces lightly

-cook the rice noodles as instructed on the packet

-slice the peppers and onion finely

-chop the coriander

- cool the noodles and rinse under cold running water

-add all ingredients and mix well to distribute evenly

-make an Asian-style vinaigrette with equal parts : veg oil/ rice vinegar/lime juice and a tablespoon each of Nuoc mam and soy sauce.



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