• Sallyann Rodriguez

"Only staying active will make you want to live a hundred years"

Japanese Proverb

For a few years now I've had this idea running through my head that I want to live to be a hundred but never really taken any notice of it because it seemed rather whimsical.

Until today when I stumbled across this proverb in a book about Ikigai. And in one fell swoop my idea stopped feeling whimsical and more like a tangible life goal!

Sport literally saved my life a few years ago, empowering me to rise above and beyond a serious episode of depression and everybody knows about my passion for Zumba. Zumba gave me confidence and empowered me in a million other ways.

No longer was I the girl who became the woman who never danced.

No longer was I embarrassed about dancing in front of people ( Heavens above !! ).

No longer was I conscious of getting my moves wrong or starting on the wrong foot because it doesn't matter. It really doesn't. What matters is the joy you bring to others and a happy moment shared ...

Now I will shake my booty, in fact anything that moves, like there is no tomorrow, because it makes me feel good ! It makes me feel alive, chases away the anxiety and quite honestly fills me with energy...

Now, time for a few fun facts.....

  • exercise relieves stress because it reduces CORTISOL, the stress hormone

  • exercise improves memory, learning and concentration as when you exercise the brain becomes more elastic

  • it reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke, reducing inflammation in the body (which is the cause of almost every disease of aging)

  • gentle exercise flushes out toxins and helps with circulation

  • exercise makes your body less sensitive to insulin and less insulin in your body means less body fat

So, in a nutshell...find something that makes you smile, that fills your heart with joy. Be it walking in the countryside, weightlifting or kicking the hell out of something ( or somebody ) in a martial arts class. But above all, BE ACTIVE ! Your body will thank you for it one day ....maybe when you are 100 ;)

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