• Sallyann Rodriguez

January 2020 and my mojo is back

A belated Happy New Year to all first of all.

I am so happy to finally get back to writing and sharing my thoughts and recipes and pretty much anything else that may float through my head.

After the end of year celebrations I was really craving a fresh and easy-to-make salad, something vibrant and crunchy which would feel like an instant dose of good health ! And yes, I know that doesn't exist !!

This is what I came up with ..... COWBOY SALAD .... inspired by something I stumbled across on internet but ticking all those boxes :) ENJOY !!


boiled wild rice mixture

red kidney beans

sweetcorn - tinned or fresh

finely chopped green and red peppers

finely chopped spring onion + green part

finely chopped parsley or coriander


Finely chop all the fresh veggies. Rinse kidney beans. Mix all the ingredients together and dress with a vinaigrette of your choice. I used a creamy French style vinaigrette but a classic vinaigrette with added chili for a bit of umphhhh could be great !!

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