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Getting back on track

Updated: Jul 11, 2019


July 1st and I feel like I'm turning a new page. Life has been very chaotic recently and I've been dealing with a multitude of problems and an even bigger mess of emotions. It's been a difficult time and needless to say the first thing that goes awry is my healthy eating.

First, it's just one ice-cream ( because it's hot and one isn't going to make a difference) , then its a few snacks here and there ( because there's always something available in the staff room) and when your students bring in Continental Breakfasts ...(it would be rude to say no ) and so before you know it your energy is spiralling along with your mood and all you can do is REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT.

This entails guilt and anger at your own lack of self-discipline and before you know it you're 3kg heavier, down in the dumps and way too lethargic to do anything about it because of course in the meantime there's a bloody heatwave 🙄

My peaceful place

ON THE POSITIVE SIDE ..... there comes a moment when you know it's time to say stop. STOP ...Today is the day. I dont like feeling lethargic; I don't like feeling heavy and bloated and I certainly don't like the way my body feels sluggish because I've been feasting on carbs and crap for weeks. My body recognises these feelings now but more importantly knows how to fight its way back to that place where it feels good...Optimum health ...Optimum energy !!

So, July 1st is a new day, a new month and I'm more than happy to turn over a new leaf 🌻🌈❤

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