• Sallyann Rodriguez

Diary of a comfort -eating mum 

Why do I feel so deep in my bones that I can help people ??

Because I've been there ....in fact, I'm still there ..intermittently !! I still arrive home and want to eat the fridge, I still can't eat a reasonable portion of apple crumble and I still can't resist the smell and taste of churros and apple doughnuts.

Yes, I have a VERY sweet tooth with an enormous capacity to satisfy it ....

But what has changed ??

I still give in to the sugary demons but not as much. I still reach out for a chocolate digestive but not as much. And I also eat way more green veggies and drink way more water. In fact, I'm consistently good nowadays rather than consistently bad....and if I fall off the wagon...Well, its Ok as I'll just try harder tomorrow 😊

It's taken a lot of time but its worth the effort and outweighs tenfold the delight of a quick sugar-fix.

And most importantly, we can all do it ❤

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