Just an ordinary mum on an extraordinary journey!

Where to start...?

My name is Sallyann. Some people call me Sally, some call me Sal.

Why am I telling you this? Well, it seems that my life, like my name has had many twists and turns...

In 2012, I became a single-Mum! A choice I made albeit not an easy one,but a choice I have never regretted for one single minute.

I have lived, loved and laughed so much in these last few years but above all I have LEARNT.

I have learned just how strong a woman can be, how to stay on an even keel in desperate times and quite simply how to survive.

I have lost weight and gained health. I have gained weight and lost confidence and in the process of all this, learned how to love and accept myself.

My journey is not finished and is an endless battle but on the way I came to discover that I can help other people to fight their own demons and come to a place of health and acceptance.