Let's work together to find health and harmony. Being healthy doesn't have to be hard...

Holistically Healthy

What if I told you... You're not the only one struggling to stay healthy!

How can I help you?

As an IIN Health Coach, my role is to guide you towards your objectives, using the unique concepts of primary and secondary food and bio-individuality.The ultimate goal being health, happiness and self-acceptance.


Where to start ...? My name is Sallyann. Some people call me Sally, some call me Sal. Why am I telling you this ? Well, it seems that my life, like my name has had many twists and turns......


A mixture of recipes that inspire and delight me !


The continuing saga of how to stay active and keep fit for a busy, working wife and mother of three.....

Lucille S., mother, 36

Tu m'as conseillé, accompagné, aidé et surtout motivé. Le coaching n'était pas seulement nutritionnel, mais humain et psychologique.

Velichka B., mother, 43

Your contact motivates me to change something in my life.Being positive is not enough, especially when I am alone and feel the weight of the world on my shoulders.

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"We are taught to diminuish our light. We need to shine."